Playing guitar seems too hard but actually is not. We just need to make ourselves familiar with it. To make it easy, I have several tips for beginner who wants to be great to play guitar.

First, you have to know well about the chord. It is not true if you want to play guitar but you don’t remain it. You need to memorize only the standard chord like C, G, D, F, Am, Dm, etc. you may search in internet about the chord. Some song has a difficult chord but you can change it into a standard only if you have already known about the tone.

Second is practicing. To make you habit with changing a standard-chord, you have to make your finger familiar with the stings and the tones. Just practice it and you’ll know. Maybe it will spend a long time but if you really like it, it will become easy and fun.

Third is application. If you have already fluent in chord, you may play in a several song. You can sing and practice guitar in your room with music player which is playing. It will hard for the first time because of song which isn’t stopping and giving an interlude for you.

After that, try to make a relation between you and your friend in order to form one music band. You and your friend may train the instruments in a music studio and have fun in that room.

Basically, playing guitar is easy if you have known the steps. Memorizing the chord, practicing, making an application and forming a band-group are the little example of many concepts that you can do. Have fun.