I and my friends went to Malioboro at December of 27th 2012. My friends are ElinTamala, Irma Agustin and Mentari Purnama Sari. We started our trip from Indomaret in front of UMY and we ate an Ice Cream. I chose Banana Ice Cream. Then, we moved to Malioboro at 10.00 a.m.

The road was very crowded. We can’t park our motorcycle in the parking area of Malioboro. At the end, we put our motor cycle at Taman Pintar and we walked in a long way to the Malioboro. We were very tired. We found a foreign girl. I asked her to make an interview with her but I was rejected. I thing she was very busy on that time.

We moved on the other street. We saw a foreign people with his wife. We chased them until but the husband rejected us. Again and again but we don’t give up. We’re still hunting a tourist. The time was 11.30 a.m. it was so hot to walk.

Then, we walked to the clothes shop and met a tourist. We made an interview and set a video with him. He was very low profile and friendly with us. It made us easy to do our assignment from Miss Darsi. After making a video, we still felt there’s something less in our project. Then we agreed that we have to add more interview. Our video is too short.

We moved at the Malioboro and met a foreign people who came from Britain. He was friendly and really opened with us. He asked us about our majority and our assignment. I said that we are from English Education Departement and we are hunting a tourist. He is handsome and tall.

Then we chose to back to UMY. We were tired and sweaty but we remember that there was a class in the evening. It so annoyed. Then we’re in the class with nothing spirit. I was really disordered by the time but over all we feel satisfied that we can finish the assignment.