Indonesia is rich in culture and story. Many tourists visit Indonesia every day. There are special thing exist in Indonesia but we can’t find them in another country. I’m going to give you reasons why Indonesia is more fabulous than the other country.

First is culture. Indonesia consists of many islands and tribes. It allows Indonesia has many cultural such as Kuda Lumping which makes people can consume a shard and porcelain or Reog Ponorogo which makes people strong to lift 60 kilo grams of a mask.

Second is culinary. In Jogjakarta, We have Gudeg which has a sweet taste. If you want a spicy and juicy taste, You can try Rendang. Rendang is a dish from Padang, Sumatra. They are the little example of Indonesian culinary.

Third is history. Indonesia has already existed since long time ago. There are many kingdoms before the independent days. The empire of Hindu and Buddhist give Indonesia many histories. It is proved by the inscriptions and temples. For example are Borobudur and Prambanan temple.

Other reasons are the character of Indonesian people who friendly and easy to smile. You will just find a busy people in America and Britain but in Indonesia, you will find an easy people. It helps you when you want to ask for address or if your wallet is robbed.

In summary, there’s nothing can compare Indonesia. Culture, culinary, history and the character of Indonesian people is the key of why Indonesia is special.