Once upon a time, there were two men lived in a jungle. They lived together with harmony and helpful. Their name are Ali and Ujang. They always handed in hand to cooking, hunting food, fishing, and cleaning their house. While Ujang was sleeping, Ali cooked a menu for breakfast.

One day, Ali cooked a fried fish in the morning. He was going to go to the field. He said that Ujang must set a part of their side-dish caused by Ali didn’t eat yet. He had to the field soon. While Ali was saying his point, Ujang was sleepy. Ujang couldn’t get the information well. Then, Ujang woke up and felt hungry. He ate the food quickly.

In the middle of his eat, he remember  that Ali didn’t eat yet. Ujang stopped to eating but the fried fish was just a little part. Then, Ujang went to the garden and got a beauty little cat. Ujang felt happy with that cat. He brought the cat to the home and cleaned up his house. While Ujang was cleaning the house,the cat ate the side-dish until the end. Ujang was very affraid that Ali didn’t have a part of side-dish anymore.

Ujang run to the lake in order to get a fish. He failed. He went to the market for some fish and run to home to fry it.

Finally, the fried fish was done. Ujang felt very spacious. When Ali came home, Ali asked to Ujang, “Idon’t know why the fried fish is still warming althought i cooked it in many hours ago. I don’y care. I’m so starving. Do you want to eat this food with me?”. Ujang said that he had already eaten. Ujang felt so roomly that Ali could eat perfectly.