That was my first time to teach a children with english. It was very fun and adorable. I’d taught an elementary school student but it just told about scout. That’s the truly time for me to teach an academic matery and it felt different.

My first class in that school was B class of 5th grade. Almost all of them were noisy. First matery talked about Simple Present Tense. I taught about how to make difference between “do”, “does” and “did” also “like” and “likes”. It’s simple but they made them very complicated with not listen to me. Then, I got one conclusion that almost all of them are heptic learner. I must use a strategy to get their attention. It was difficult at the first but if it work, it will easier to teach them.

My first action’s tellingstory. I taught that after they listen to me, it would collect their concentration. Frankly. It’s not working. The way I told them a story, they laught and antusias but then it’s not survive at long time. I almost got over my self.

Then, i tried to use another step. I found an old game which is very popular. It’s brain gym. We just made some funny miniquiz. It worked. After the brain gym was ended, they can absorb many lessons that i had given. I felt so satisfy.

In the next month, all of my classmate,unexception me, got rolling class. I and my team moved on B class of 3rd grade. We found that they has a similar character with the class before but i didn’t feel down because i’ve found the key to face to this situation. Whenever they are more childish than the class before. I remember on that time when i talked to one student, another student jump to my shoulder and  it likes overweight.

I’m tired but everything in that class is happy and cheerful. That’s my story.