There is the Debating Seminary on morning of December 26th 20012 at AR.FACHRUDIN 5th floor. This agenda is held by Student English Activity. I am selected as the Master of Ceremony on this seminary. This is my experience to be a MC. There are funny and interesting moment happened in that seminary.

First, before I went to 5th floor, officer-films of SCTV-FTV are shooting in the ground floor. I came in the hall and some of them asked permission with me. She wanted me to act several scene of that FTV as a helper. I really want it but I didn’t have much time. The seminary was 20 minutes to go and I am the MC. I became confuse on that time until now..

Leave my confusion. I joined with my friend and waiting the speakers of the seminary. Suddenly, I felt my foot-finger became cold. I’m nervous. 5 minutes to go and I’m not feeling calm. I’d memorized the opening and run-down agendas but I was afraid that my nervous disturb my performance.

Then, my worried didn’t happen. I can finish my job smoothly like a toll road. Even if I’m not calm on the first time, I made it easy with smile and eye-contact to the audience. Doctor have to check me right after the seminary is closed because of my heart-beat inside.

After the break-time, I had a lunch quickly with my friends who committed of that seminary. We needed to ready with the next agenda before the participant came. We worked faster than the plan caused by the break-time was delayed. We started the agenda at 1 p.m.

Finally, the program ended successfully. Although I can’t shoot a film in the ground floor, I and my committee can finish the event pretty good and I can handle my nervous to bring the event in front of all participants. That’s what happened on the seminary.