6 Questions about your history to find the Real You

This is my assignment from my lecturer

1. Which achievements did you enjoy most? Which are you proudest of? (Be ready to tell the inter-viewer how these accomplishments relate to the position at hand.)

  • I don’t have many achievements but sometimes a little challenge made me proud. First is when I pass the open recruitment of Student English Activity which is very hard to more than 250 students to join this community. One thing that makes me happy is the experience whose again and again comes to me. With this community, I learn how to be a good MC at a seminary (I have to handle my heartbeat cause by nervous), learn to be a treasure on a big event,  learn to associate with a lot of character.
  • It’s not a big achievement in my first semester but I thing I get more experience from the way of being a member of SEA.

2. What mistakes have you made? Why did they occur? How have you learned from them? What have you done to keep similar things from reoccurring?

  • I run out from home. It’s not caused by my problem with my own family. I don’t know why I’m very dangerous daughter. I never stop to think about it since that time. First thing in my head is I just want to know how to live when my parent are not in my side. I walked alone after school and went to bus station. I want to find my self but then I chose wrong way. I made my family worry about me for a long time. My apologize is always inside. I don’t know when my parent found me, it feels like I don’t want to go home. I don’t know how come they find my position. It’s far from my town. But I do respect their way to find me. One person that really able to be blame is me. And I know that I can’t leave without my family or now I leave in the edge of the river with a dirty cloth.

3. How well do you interact with authority figures—bosses, teachers, parents?

  • My interaction to my author is just same with another student. I want to close with my lecturer but if it hard to me, I mustn’t make our relation to be close. I tolerate with all respond that come to me.
  • I communicate well with my parent, my sisters and my friend.

4. What are your favorite games and sports? Think about the way you play these games and what that says about you. Are you overly competitive? Do you give up too easily? Are you a good loser— or a bad winner? Do you rise to a challenge or back away from it?

  • I don’t like sport but I have several games that I like too much. First is playing Uno cards. It’s fun to play with other friends in SEA office. I lost the game just on several times but then my friends call me “loser”. I think I’m good loser. Good loser is better than bad winner. This is my opinion and I don’t know why.
  • My second favorite game is Scrabble. It teaches me to get more vocabulary. I do ever raise the award of being the higher score ever play, more than 205 points. I know I’m alay girl but I do have fun on that game.

5. What kinds of people are your friends? Do you associate only with people who are very similar to you? Do you enjoy differences in others—or merely tolerate them? What are some things that have caused you to end friendships? What does this say about you?

  • I’m careless, cruel, inconsistent, selfish, silly, weak, indiscipline, moody, and naughty. That’s why I never find my closest friend. I associate with a whole people that I met. Better for me to leave a new friend and find another than make our relation closer.
  • It’s easy for me to adapt with new person than make stronger the friendship.
  • If I really need someone to talk, maybe I’ll share with my darling. If I haven’t, I’m just save it deeply inside. It’s not a problem.


6. If you were to ask a group of friends and ac-quaintances to describe you, what adjectives would they use? List all of them—the good and the bad. Why would people describe you this way? Are there specific behaviors, skills, achievements, or failures that seem to identify you in the eyes of others? What are they?


  • Arrogant, boring, talkative, fully loaded, overemotional, less critical, pessimistic, quick-tempered, unkind, untidy, unpredictable, weak, careless, adaptable,   independent, white(rasis),  beautiful.
  • I think I don’t have to explain too much because all of these adjective can image my character.