Now I’ll tell you story that I’d heard when I was second grade of junior high school. In the radio, they talked about cruel story. A daughter who smart and diligent in school, kind in friendship and obey with her parent was pregnant. It made her mother getting shock and shock. For several times she asked her daughter but her daughter never told anything. Until one day, she told the truth.

Her father raped her for many times and treated her to not say anything with anyone or he killed her. A daughter was very afraid but she knew that the safest place is only in her mother. The mother with the top of angry reported this incidence into the police and the problem is processed. Out of the police activity, a daughter was 15 years old. Her mother quiet understood that it was too early to bring up the baby. If she didn’t take an abortion, it’ll not only harm her but also shake the psychology. But if it did, they will violate the humanity. They were confused by choosing abortion or not.

At the end, a daughter aborted the baby. Now, she is living well. Although she has bad memory in the past, she still can grow up and get an academic achievement.

In this time, I’m going to talk about abortion which is not always bad in every perception. Do you know, there are many things that can be solved by abortion.  In this case, we both know what happen if the daughter didn’t take an abortion.

  • Psychological disorders caused by feeling down
  • Inability to bring up the baby

This is my reason why do we need the legalize abortion.

  • Aborting the fetus doesn’t mean murder
  • saving the human right
  • decreasing the population growth
  • improve the quality of the people
  • more affordable than bring up the children
  • needed by all countries around the world, no exception is Indonesia.