Gooday Family Company

Redgard Street, 22 New York 29873

August 1st  2013

CEO Joane Dane Roseville

St. Gaulle Imammette

Brooklyn, New York 29846


Dear Ms. Roseville

My humbly say thanks to your commitment about calling for cooperation business. We appreciate it very high because there is no secret anymore that your company is the biggest and worthy place. Also your material cooperation is needed for many companies.

We consider at all that we still have to learn about how to increase our company productivity. It sounds very hard to us because we are the new born company. Without many professional employers and limited capital seems like too hard to overtaking an old company in this country. Although we are a green firm, we still want to try by ourselves. We believe that little capital is not the only one problem that asked to be solved. We have the system that never found in another company. It makes us optimist that we can blow up and we don’t particularly need a loan. I don’t say this in a bad condition.

We are fully thanks for the careful from your company, we hope that what we’ve done never break anything about the relation between our business matter in future.






Lee BIn Woo, Ph. D

MD Supervisor Gooday Family Company