Dear Miss Indah, first I’m going to say thanks for the lessons that you’d already given to me. I like your application of brain-gym. It helps me enough to focus on the class. I like the mini-quiz although I didn’t get a perfect score. I like your method of teaching that I will try it when I have been a teacher.

After I got it all, there’s little regret at the end. I was sentenced to attend the remedial. Maybe, if I know I will attend the remediation, I wouldn’t too much enthusiast to your class. Don’t worry,I’m not too serious to say that. I can’t blame anything. It happened really sudden. I just want to tell you that on that day I didn’t come in your class, I seriously have a family matter. My mother asked me to go home quickly and the reason makes me forgetting all, unexception your assignment.

From that time I learn, that I have to make a priority of my choice. Life isn’t easy right? I think my option isn’t wrong that I choose my family prefer than your assignment. Now I just try to not too regretting much. I hope that I can pass the remedial perfectly till I can chase my lag.

Over all, you’re my inspiration. Keep it always on and bring all-your student to the success. I love you, Mom. J