Picture 226

Family is the most important thing which is given to us. Everything is begun from here. Starting to speak up, adaptating until solving a life problem are existed  in family. To optimalize  the function of family, we need unity to be kept by a special moment in family. There is one example of family moment that i think i have to share which consist of three activities in one evening of Ramadhan month.

First, we opened our fasting at Alun-alun Temanggung. We drank Es Soda Gembira which is made by a slice of bread, coconut milk, several fruit, sweet siroup, white fanta and ice cream as the topping. We snacked Gorengan. It just spent a quarter hour to go but we made it quiet long with joke and laught.


After that, we prayed Magrib at Darussalam mosque near by the Alun-alun Temanggung after the Adzan is heard. My sister and my mother were free to pray and wait in the ground of the mosque. They were sitting in front of mosque and taking a picture. Several minutes later, i joined with them to take a picture and hung the scenery of Temanggung until the time to pray Isya.

Then, we nearly came on the dinner that we’d been waiting for. I have a Sate for my dinner. My father and my mother ate Rica-rica. My sisters have a Gulai, Rendang and Tongseng for the dinner. We were eating perfectly but still not far from joking. I’m affraid if we were coughing because of a lot of joke in the dinner.

After all. The time was a half to ten. I remember that i was’t reciting Qur’an yet. It’s time to back home and we wouldn’t need to do anything anymore. That was a prety moment. We’re completely happy.